M: Temples and Critters

One of my favorite temples was the broken down one.  I got to climb and play.  This temple was discovered covered in jungle.  Plants were growing in cracks through the stones.  Trees broke down the walls.  Strangling fig destroyed the temple slowly. This temple was filmed in the movie Tomb Raider but I haven’t seen it.

In other temples there are frogs.  Everywhere you walk, tiny frogs as big as my fingernail hop out of the way.  It’s all you can do not to step on them.  I liked to catch them.  Our guide told me that they weren’t poisonous so when I got bored I could just catch one.  I was getting bored because it was taking too long for Mama and Daddy and Emma to take pictures in the temples.

We stopped at an orphanage and we saw models of all famous temples of Cambodia.  They were built as a project for the orphans.  There was a moat around one of the models and in the water was a frog.  It was different from other frogs because it was a big one as large as my hand.

Also at this orphanage was a gigantic centipede– about 9 inches long.  It ran fast past us and into their building.   One of the adults at the orphanage came with a knife and chopped its head off.  It kept on moving after he killed it.  Our guide said that it was poisonous and the bite was very painful.  So we were a little bit scared. We looked it up and it was a Giant Asian Centipede.  It’s bite is fatal to small children.

We pulled over in the central park in Siem Reap to look at bats hanging in tall trees.  They were big, as large as hawks.  They were screeching and flapping about above us.  It was in the middle of the day so they were not hunting.

This trip so far was not very good for finding animals but we got lucky and found some interesting things to see.  I am looking forward to going to the countryside and seeing more critters.


2 thoughts on “M: Temples and Critters

  1. Max;
    I guess you are not missing your frog as there are so many there. I particularly liked the one that was on your finger.

    The bats were really big and the sounds are weird. I am sure I told you about the Austin bats that roost under a bridge there? If not, we can share that when you are home.

    In that last picture, I am not sure what you are looking at. Could you share?

    Lots of love,

  2. Max, one time when I was camping a centipede bit me on the forehead. It wasn’t quite that big but still at least 6 inches. The bite was super intense but I think what was even worse was to think about it crawling on my face while I was asleep. blahh…

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