M: Hanging at the Palace

The Royal Palace in Phnom Penh is a place of grandeur and splendor. The silver and gold inlayed walls and statures are not enough for the Cambodian king and queen. They had to have a room with a silver floor- really the floor is entirely tiled with sterling silver. We walked on it covered mostly with carpets. The tiles are old and engraved with designs of lotus flowers. Unfortunately we couldn’t take any photos of the Silver Pagoda because it was prohibited.

After that we walked into the courtyards. We saw ponds filled with lotus and lilies. It was raining so it felt good to be outside. The rain was warm but felt cool on my skin. The lotus’ smelled sweet and were beautiful. I played a game with the water drops on the lotus leaves. The drops looked like clear crystals shining in the light. I had to drag the droplets from one leaf to another and make a mega water blob. It was fun playing the water blob game. It was a little wet but I didn’t mind.

We saw a display from the Royal Plowing.  There were so many men carrying poles that it looked like a forest of them. A lot of the men carried the prince and the princess on palanquins. These are special thrones that get carried around. The princess wore lots of golden wire and flowers in her hair. The prince wore golden robes. We didn’t get to see the parade in person but there were pictures on the display wall.

We were wandering in the courtyards of the Royal Palace and heard some good music. We went to investigate and Daddy took some pictures of an old man playing roneat ek (bamboo xylophone) a traditional instrument of Cambodia. He motioned to us to come play too.

I sat down to the korng toch (a group of small hammered metal gongs set in a circle) and he held my hands and tapped out the rhythm. It was like playing the drums, but instead of a drum it sounded like a gong. Then he got Emma set up on a different instrument with her own rhythm. Once we were playing he sat at his roneat ek and he played the melody. All three of us were playing together. It was hard staying in the beat and sometimes I had trouble. It was fun but tricky. The Royal Palace of Cambodia is a good site to see.


3 thoughts on “M: Hanging at the Palace

  1. Max;
    What fun to play the instruments with the old man. You looked like it was such fun.

    I would have loved to have seen the silver floor. I bet it was amazing.

    Max, it is so you with the raindrops. I bet you were able to make a really big one, like merging bubbles.

    Loved hearing about the palace.

    Love you lots,

  2. Dear Max,
    Sounds like a fun day! So now I am going to reveal my ignorance about Cambodia–are there still a prince and princess?

  3. Hi Max! We miss you something terrible, but are glad you are exploring the world! have you seen the elephants yet? My mom wants to know… Happy Halloween- we did excellent scares this year!!

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