J: Tea@SG

Rest day today… we had a tea party at the lovely Fullerton Hotel (once Singapore’s main post office).  Tomorrow we’re off to Kuala Lumpur.

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4 thoughts on “J: Tea@SG

  1. love the picture of Patty and Max!
    And the tea and cakes make me hungry. I guess it’s time to hobble to the kitchen to get my morning cereal–the extent of my current food prep repertoire…

  2. Hi;
    Max, I can see this is one of your favorite places. Those goodies probably made your day.

    Loved the pic of the teacups and teas. So many choices on the menu.

    Did you all have fun on Halloween?

    It is so good to catch up with what you are doing.

    I miss you all.

    Love you,

  3. My Dears,

    you all look great so relaxed but 4 days in S and all you did have “tea” ? and now pls lets have some more news

    never satisfied lotta but I love you and miss you

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