E: Rice Pudding Single… Double… Quadruple

My friend Bella came over today. After we did some gardening, I said she needed to taste my rice pudding. She said “Sure but I hate rice pudding. I’ll try it though.” As soon as she tried it she loved it! No-one can go wrong with my rice pudding. It’s easy to make and tastes great! Make sure you have 2 hours or a little more at home for cooking (you’ll be continually checking it so you need to be available).

Here’s the recipe (I’ve doubled the recipe here because single is just too small):

Arborio Rice, 1/2 cup
Salted butter, 4 Tbs. plus 1/2 Tbs. for buttering the dish
Whole milk, 4 cups
Superfine sugar, 1/2 cup
A pinch of salt, yes, this is in addition to salted butter, but it’s necessary
Half a vanilla bean
Vanilla extract, 1/2 tsp


Sieve (really fine), Medium ovenproof dish or pan (I use an 8×8 Pyrex) (with a lid if you don’t want a skin on top which is not bad, I haven’t tried a lid yet),  1 cup measuring cup (sorry for the repetition), 1/2 cup measuring cup, Sharp knife, cutting board,1/2 tsp. measuring spoon, small metal bowl that fits the sieve, 2 thick oven mitts or cloths, long wooden spoon


  1. Preheat oven to 300°F.
  2. Measure and pour rice into sieve and run cold water over it. Shake sieve to drain and leave to drip in the sink resting in the metal bowl.
  3. Cut the vanilla bean in half lengthwise, using the cutting board and the knife.
  4. Butter the dish.
  5. Dump everything in the dish.
  6. Stir lightly.
  7. Put in oven.
  8. After 30-45 min. stir with wooden spoon and then put the lid on if you don’t want a skin to form. Repeat stirring twice.
  9. Keep your eye on the pudding in the third wait. As soon as the pudding doesn’t slosh when you move it it should kind of jiggle, taste it. Is the rice cooked? Is the milk thick? If yes and yes and it looks good, then it’s done (prox. 1:45-2:15 min.)

Eat as soon as possible. If overcooked, (which is okay) serve with more whole milk poured on top. Enjoy!

Guess what! This was soooo outrageously good that I doubled this double recipe! A quadruple rice pudding! This is great both warm and cold but I like it warm best!

Yes, I will post my fussy eater solution as soon as I find time!

Recipe inspired by The River Cottage Family Cookbook (I changed it a little).


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