E: Sunday Supper #5

Ok! Sunday supper 5 is here (sorry for the wait)

March 20, 2011

  1. Hamburgers
  2. Fries
  3. Roast Asparagus
  4. Apple Crostada
  5. Homemade vanilla ice-cream

I made the hamburgers all by myself and they were delicious! I was in ecstasy when, without saying anything, Max loaded up his burger, with onions, parsley, and thyme peeking out everywhere, full of tomatoes and lettuce! He ate it up and then excitedly requested his chart, happily filling in three boxes.

As to whether Max is really eating much healthier or not I’d say it’s not likely but the real benefit has been the fighting. -The bad attitude at the dinner table Sunday supper  is a much more enjoyable experience, especially after a long day and a lot of cooking.

First I chopped everything up .

Put it in a bowl and mushed it all together.

Shaped them with a ring.

Peeled and seasoned the asparagus and popped them in the oven.

Then I made the dough for the crostada.

I peeled and cored the apples with this awesome machine.

Here it is in a closer view. This machine is something everyone needs! It is absolutely wonderful. It is so simple that I used it to peel and core apples when I was only five by myself.

This is the crostada all baked and the struesel topping is so good that I kept having teeny tiny tastes!

It turned out very delicious and I hope to make this meal again.

Max thinks so too.



4 thoughts on “E: Sunday Supper #5

  1. Hi love – your dinner looks super delicious again – I love how sparkly the burgers look with all the parsley & onion. Congratulations on the success w Max!!

    I would SO like to have this dinner with you guys. Soon.

    – Daddy

  2. Again, I was the lucky one invited to Sunday supper. I like to think that you love having me. I also know that I am just down the road and can readily come over. I think this is a win win for all!

    I loved it, probably the best hamburger I have eaten.

    The desert was very yummy. There was special apple syrup that was offered warm to go over the ice cream and, or the tart.

    All together, very delicious!!!

    Now, of course I am waiting for another invitation.

    Love you all,

  3. I can’t wait to try your burger recipe…love the additions to the meat! I know this sounds crazy but I can actually smell the apple crostada cooking right now. I have a very active imagination and your photos and descriptions are a delight to read & experience. Thanks for “feeding” my mind. Love, Marilynn

  4. I love reading your posts, Emma. Your dinner looks so delicious, and I’m very impressed with your fine chopping skills! And by the way, what kind of ring did you use to shape the burgers? Love, Jennie

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