E: Lemony Crispy Dinner

This week’s Sunday supper was themed around Grandma’s favorite elements of food:

  • Crispy
  • Lemony
  • Hot

March 27, 2010

  1. Salmon cakes (Hot, Crispyy)
  2. Lemon string beans (Hot, Lemony)
  3. Orange avocado salad with pomegranate dressing (Crispy, Lemony)
  4. Lemon pudding cake with pate sucree (Hot, Lemony, Crispy)

The salmon cakes were delicious and thanks to my sous chef, Bella, not too hard to make. There were only 2 bad things about this meal: we ran out of ketchup due to the salmon cake demand, and the food was so good that we all got really full. Also, there were no leftovers! We decorated the table with citrus placed name cards, and folded the napkins nicely. It was a delicious cheerful dinner in the midst of rainstorms.

We made lemon curd for the first time.


Great to have a sous chef.


We made the batter and mixed in the lemon curd.


We cooked the pudding cakes in a bain marie.


Doesn’t it look good on the pate sucree?


Bella learned how to make supremed oranges.


The salmon cakes held together in the pan really well and tasted so good!

It was a really great supper!


4 thoughts on “E: Lemony Crispy Dinner

  1. You are absolutely correct. In my favorite food world, lemon, crisp and served warm is the very best!!!

    Last Sunday was the BEST!!!!

    I will miss this week.

    Love you lots,

  2. We have several Meyers Lemon trees and I LOVE anything lemony. You have stimulated my taste buds to create a yummy meal. I would love the recipe for your pudding dessert…it looks so delicious. Thanks again for your wonderful postings of the Sunday meals.

  3. Oh my, I’m even MORE jealous now! Salmon cakes are so super good – your mama used to make some w ginger that I was ALWAYS wanting ’till she got totally bored of making them…

    So what is pate sucree? And then you turned the lemony custardy thing out on top of it?

    I went and had dosas my first evening in India – good! But actually not quite as good as our favorite place in KL. Hopefully will find even better here.

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