J: Arrived in Bali

For all those wondering (ie, grandmothers), we’ve made it safely to Bali. About 26 hours after leaving home, we found ourselves in the Crowne Plaza @ Changi airport, which was ideal — walked out of customs, and 3 min later were in the hotel lobby.  Of course 1 am there is some “awake” time at home, but eventually we all managed to sleep for at least a few hours.  Had a nice swim, some food, and then got onto flight for Bali.  There’s a huge ASEAN summit here, so took quite awhile, maybe a couple of whiles, but finally got through immigration and met Jesse, who was waiting to drive us to this slightly-funky (but nice) house outside Ubud.  Now listening to resounding chorus of geckoes, frogs, and other mysterious sounds punctuated by the rocking of the ceiling fan slightly loose.

Ok, I can barely string 2 more words together, it’s only about 8:00 pm here, but Max is long asleep and I am feeling jealous!


4 thoughts on “J: Arrived in Bali

  1. I can see, feel, smell Bali through your words. What a lovely entrance to your time away. Rest, enjoy, sleep, eat, and then repeat! Thinking of you all as you continue your journey.

  2. Funny, I was just thinking of you all last night! And today I received this new Red Suitcase. I’ve been in Bali three times. The first was in 1980; the last time was with Hank in 2007. We spent a heavenly month there with friends who have the Bali Children’s Project. Maybe you can connect with it there. My friends Joyce Scott and John Cooke started it. I think they are in Ubud right now! They would love to meet you all! xxx Jan

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