J: Waking Up in Bali

We all slept at least some (the downside of having an ipod is that those who are a little impulsive wake up and play for hours…)  It was so quiet in the night – well, actually, cacophonous w bugs etc… but peaceful.  Rained in the night.  Woke to chorus of roosters and morning life, and off for our first walk in the rice paddies.

The air has a lovely scent

Walking in the rice paddies

Lovely colors, M is mostly awake

7 am, time for tea


7 thoughts on “J: Waking Up in Bali

  1. It sounds incredible…..I admire you all so much (and am also more than a little jealous!!) We want to go to Bali sometime and hope to learn A LOT form you about what to see, eat, where to go..and so on….And how hot is it? Are are the bugs problem?
    I’m so gad to hear that you arrived safe and sound.
    I love Red Suitcase!!

    • Hi Mom, we’ll be very happy to provide tour guide advice (from Tripadvisor to us to you 🙂
      The bugs are actually pretty mellow so far. Definitely putting mosquito repellent on am & pm though. It’s extremely hot in the mid-day sun, but cools off am & pm. Right now at 6:30 am, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect temperature, the air is a moist and gentle caress.
      – J

  2. Hey would you guys look for sea horses. Bali is the only place I have ever seen them. They were in ankel deep water, very small, black with white spots. I would love to see pictures. Send me some pictures of exotic butterflies also. Keep the pictures coming
    Love Raylene

    • I try to see them when we are snorkeling – I’ve only seen one in an aquarium before. There is a lot of cool wildlife in Bali! – M

  3. The week has flown by since you arrived. Jet lag worn off and adventures abound.

    Like the others commenting, love the pictures and daily experiences. It does feel like I am there. So, please keep it coming.

    Claire told me that Max’s chicken is the friendliest. She is sitting in the chicken house three times a day to keep them all company.

    Love you lots

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