P: In the Fields of Bali

I sit by the pool on our covered terrace. The rain is pouring down all around us but under the porch cover it is dry.  I smell the smoke and murmur from the men in our family compound.  Emma and Max just jumped into the bright clear pool and are racing through raindrops to reach the other side.  Though unheated, the kids say the water is warm.


This morning, as per our usual jet-lagged first day tradition, we headed for an early walk.  The light was gorgeous, and the rice fields sparkled from the night’s raindrops.


Selamat Pagi or “good morning” we greeted the day.   We passed field hands and laborers heading out to work.   A beautiful woman wearing a white blouse and magenta silk sarong walked with a basket on her head.  Smiling , she told us she was heading to temple to make offerings.


In Bali, most of the hillsides are covered with rice fields.  Dotted through the winding paths, are small temples for offering to the Goddess Dewisri who feeds the people and sustains life.


We wander through the fields to a chorus of roosters, cicadas, and songbirds.  Butterflies enjoy the morning sun. Vivid greens, flowers of pinks, red and yellow are lush in the garden.  We are in a world saturated with color.


Later today after a swim we will walk into Ubud and find a warung (homestyle restaurant) for lunch and a little shopping.

More later.. love p



14 thoughts on “P: In the Fields of Bali

    • Hi Corin! It is way dreamy!! And next week, beach. Yummm. We were just talking about being in Hawaii w you when babies were little. Miss you guys!

  1. wonderful…and tell about the smells (one of the things I love best about Hawaii…and the sounds..????
    Love you all,

  2. So glad to have redsuitcase posts back in my life!! Looks like your trip is off to a beautiful start. Keep the posts and pics coming!
    Loving the Bali edition and wondering when redsuitcase Durham edition will come out???
    Love to all
    Meg (& Iris)

    • Miss you guys – wish you were here with us, we’d have so much fun! Will there be exotic foods in the Durham edition? 🙂
      – P

  3. Love the photo of dewdrops on the rice plants. I see a greeting card in the future. It’s wonderful to experience this all vicariously. You’re in my thoughts. Have a wonderful vacation.

    • Hi Jay! I got an even better raindrop picture today, and I’ll post it soon. I got a new camera and everyone is jealous of me. Very EQ. 🙂
      – P

  4. Hi;
    Hoping I can actually tell you how much I am enjoying the resurgence of my favorite traveling suitcase, the Red one!

    The sites, sounds, smells and tastes are all flying this way,
    thanks so much.

    Love you all.

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