P: Another Day, Another Adventure

Hi Everyone-

I am sorry that I don’t have a good blog posting tonight.  We are all knackered after our busy day.  But I wanted to post some pics so you can see what we’ve been up to.  What did we do today? Nothing much….

Walked through rice.

Saw a Barang Dance.

Drove up a volcano.

Made friends with a demon.

Listened to the wind.

Ate tropical fruits.

Swam in the pool.

Ate dinner.
Tomorrow we are out all day on a bike ride through the countryside.  I hope to get a blog post from the kids  up by then.  Love and thanks to everyone who visited!  The kids are delighted to have so many viewers!


4 thoughts on “P: Another Day, Another Adventure

  1. Max, you could frighten the most scary monster! Emma, you look too cool in the pool! Walking through the rice fields and scouring the local markets for yummy treats looks like great fun.

    I think I need to know more about the Barang Dance. It sounds like something my father would talk about from the Philippines (or maybe Bali, as I know he was there too.)

    Looking forward to hearing about the biking adventure.

    Love you

  2. HI it is bella i love seeing what you do on your trips. it looks fun and yummy. we all miss you! keep it up. love bella and jane and jp

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