M: Rice in Bali

Max researched this topic, and did most of the filming and editing himself!


4 thoughts on “M: Rice in Bali

  1. Max;
    Thank you, I learned a lot about rice that I did not know. This is much better than a book. You are in the middle of the rice, just out the door. I wonder if you were able to thrash it?

    Love you, lots

  2. HI Max: That was beautiful. I loved the shot of the woman threshing the rice. I also didn’t know about the ducks. The video was a great mixture of information, music, and gorgeous photography. Thank you for creating it!–Susan

  3. Hi Max,
    I am catching up on your blog after being away. I like your video. The threshing looks fun, but I am guessing that it would get very tiring. Were you able to taste the difference between the different kinds of rice? I look forward to hearing about Borneo!

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