M: Bali favorites

Before we left for our trip I chose to study rice.  I learned everything I could about it.  When we got to Bali it was great to know so much because I could teach everyone about the process of growing and harvesting rice.

My favorite breakfast is banana pancake with coconut fuzz on top.  Our cook Made made this everyday for me.  I tried it at other places, but hers was the best. I think it is something we can make at home.

In Bali the amazing terraces make it a perfect place to go biking.  Riding on these rough trails we had a great time.  When we were riding in the rice fields, the tracks were really narrow.  I was riding so quickly I didn’t see Emma or Mama or Daddy the whole day.

In Bali, people believe that there are gods and spirits and demons that will punish them if they don’t lead a good life.  Everyone prays to the gods and they build temples to honor them too.  The women in the village spend 30 percent of their time making offerings and doing ceremonies.

In the temples there are a lot of carved demons.  They serve to protect the people and the temple from evil spirits.

We took a cooking class.  People in Bali still use old tools like mortar and pestle in the kitchen.  I was making peanut sauce for the satay.  After we finished cooking we sat down for a big feast with all the people in the class.

In Bali there are a lot of different kinds of fruits so they make lots of fresh juices.  My favorite juice is lime but in this picture I have a mango juice.  We liked to have juice when came back from a busy day out.

All the fruits here are fresh and delightful.  My favorite is the mangosteen, the “queen of fruits.”  This plump, perfect orb of deliciousness makes my mouth water every single time I think about it.  We got to have mangosteens everyday in Bali.  I had to eat them right away– I couldn’t savor them.  I have no self-control!

Our trip to Bali was one of my favorite places that I have ever been.


5 thoughts on “M: Bali favorites

  1. Wow Max, it sounds like you are having a super cool trip! I can’t wait to share your blog with Tristan and Aidan. I’ll have to remember to have you teach me all about rice next time I see you 🙂

  2. Max;
    Between the rice paddies, the cooking, the biking and the menacing demon, it looks like you have experienced many adventures in a very short time. Thank you for sharing them. I certainly did not know about how rice grew, was harvested, just that we like it when it is cooked. Can we get mangosteens in California? I would surely like to taste one if it is your favorite.

    I look forward to your next adventure!

    Love you lots

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