M: Making friends on trips


I like to make friends when we take trips.  I’ve been lucky to find boys my age all around the world.  On this trip to Gili Air I met a boy name Tye from Darwin Australia.


Tye’s a real character.  His mom works at a night market running a restaurant stall so afterschool each day he gets to hang out at the market.  Tye goes to a circus school and is learning to unicycle and juggle with fire.  He and his friends go to the market and are street performers!  They have a big show and tell jokes.  They juggle knives and play with fire.


I met Tye because he was staying with his mom at the same resort as me. It was kind of funny that we kept doing the same things at the same times in the same places.  This is not a big island but there are at least 10 restaurants and we chose the same ones.


We got to know Tye’s mom and we played every day. They invited my out to snorkel with them and that was really fun.  But there was one problem.  Tye kept making me crack up underwater and so my mask flooded when I smiled.

Tye just turned 11 so we are about the same age.  He likes skateboarding, stick juggling, computer games, Percy Jackson and swimming just like me.

I felt so lucky to meet a friend like Tye on my trip.


One thought on “M: Making friends on trips

  1. Max;
    Looks like you were lucky to find a friend to do things with. He sounds like a fun guy. Is he going to be a professional circus performer? Does he have regular classes with the circus ones?

    Love you,

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