P: Back to Borneo

We’re in Singapore tonight (our last night of clean sheets, safe water, and delicious Indian food!) and then heading out with the kids to Borneo tomorrow.  Josh will be staying here for work, but I will intrepidly take the kids in the wilds of Borneo for 7 nights.

Many of you may remember that two years ago we took the kids on an amazing adventure to Borneo.  We tried scuba, hunted for Rafflesia, released newborn leatherback turtles to the sea, and fell in love with orangutans.  Since that time Emma has diligently raised $1000 to support the Sepilok Rehabilitation Center for orphaned orangutans.  We are headed back there to present the donation to them and to spend some time upriver learning more about the environmental issues in the area.

Just so you all know– we’ll be camping in the jungle (we are told the cabins are “rustic” without windows and doors)  Emma’s seen some photos of monitor lizards hanging out in the campsites. (yikes!) Also spotted are civets, crocodiles, wild boar, snakes, leeches and the occasional wild orangutan!  So we have high hopes for some amazing wildlife.

We will have our cameras, journals and playing cards but no computers so you will all have to wait for our blogging to resume after a week.  I don’t know how we will “unplug” (esp. Max!) but I think it will be a wonderful experience.

Send good weather our way (we hope that the monsoons hold off one more week!) and we will see you in a week!

love p


7 thoughts on “P: Back to Borneo

  1. Not just once, but twice to Borneo! You are certainly a bit off the beaten tourist track. While I know you and the kids are excited about the adventure, I know this is one I do not imagine being in your suitcase for. From the description, I am thinking no indoor toilets! Of course there are all the animals, up close and probably personal.

    What exciting stories you will tell all of us when you are back in Singapore. I can hardly wait.
    Love you all

  2. hey guys, all the photos so far look amazing. Pat I am so proud of you for making it across the bridge!! I am sure you will have a great time in Borneo. love you all -c

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