M: Borneo Adventure


11 thoughts on “M: Borneo Adventure

  1. Max;
    I loved it! I know I could not do what you did, but I so enjoyed your tale. The spider was spectacular!

    I thought it was fascinating the way the Mama Orangutan showed the baby how to drink. What a great experience and one you will remember with the pictures you have there and in your head and heart.

    Love you and miss you.

  2. I am totally in awe!! Max, you are a borne cinematographer on top of everything else! You (and your friends) made this adventure so exciting and beautiful! I think the shot I loved best was the mother orangutan kissing her baby. But the calm river shots (and I bet it wasn’t always calm) were so wonderful too. and you all look happy and strong and healthy! Wonderful to see.

  3. Hi Max,
    I love your video–it really gave me a feeling of the fun and challenges of your time on the river! Thanks for sharing it with us. You are really good at communicating with video. I like the mix of video footage and stills. Ask your mom or dad to show you Ben’s facebook pictures from Swaziland–there is a pink tarantula I think you will like.

  4. Dear JEMP,
    I always look forward to “traveling” with you.
    The way you all bring us there with your VERY individual styles is a real treat!
    GREAT blend of stills and video and heart to heart communicating!
    Sending Love and a VERY Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. GOT ORANGUTAN ! love this video…story…you are having an amazing experience…I am glad you know it and share with us state side…Happy trails Jane

  6. Max! This video is amazing! You are very talented–I felt like I was watching something from National Geographic. I loved the spider in the “bathroom” and agree with Grammy that the Mama and baby orangutan kissing was a highlight (reminded me of how Iris looks right now!). I also loved how you synchronized the beat of the music to the photos, especially at the beginning, that gave me chills! Thanks so much for making this for us to see.

  7. Max, this video is RAD. I am so jealous of your big adventures. I really loved the river shots. It seems like a lot of the stuff the guides were doing was really cool too like starting the fires and cooking on what looked like a bamboo stand? I miss you guys and hope that you have a nice thanksgiving. -christo

    • Hi C-
      the guide made that stand by cutting a branch with his machete. After we had lunch by the river they put out the fire and buried the ashes , trying to erase any trace of humans. The guide said that even with those efforts it would be 2 weeks before any animals would cross the river there. He was careful to choose a spot that didn’t have elephant footprints because he didn’t want to disrupt their path. We had a really good time that day! love max

  8. Max, I have no idea whether this is a “comment” or a “reply”, since there’s no “leave a comment” box. But anyway, your video was great. My favorite was definitely the spider…


  9. Hi Max, Emma, Patty, and Josh,
    We love keeping track of you, these films and narratives are awesome. We miss you guys so seeing and hearing you is nice. Love what you are doing for the orangutans and look forward to the results of the water testing. Keep up the good work. Addy says hi, watch out for those big spiders and can you bring one home? Look forward to seeing what’s next and seeing you home. Bill, Lisa, and Addy

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