M: Japan Again

We are back in Japan again.  It is different this year because we know what to expect.  In some ways this is a good thing.  I know what the food is going to be like and how to walk down the street or get around in the subway.  I also know more Japanese greetings and some words so I feel less self conscious.  I like when I can say hello and thank you to the people we meet.  Lots of adults here are very impressed when I speak even a little Japanese.

But sometimes knowing what to expect is a bad thing.  It feels like we are doing the same things like going to the same restaurants and staying a Hotel Monterey Ginza again.  I am looking forward to our visit to Motsumoto and Kyoto because it will be our first time there.

The food has been great so far.  We have eaten out at some cool places.  Last night after our sento bath, we went to a tiny basement yakitori restaurant.  There were only 8 seats at a bar and one guy did the cooking, serving, taking orders, refilling water and cleaning.  He didn’t speak any English so we had to point at things to eat.  We all laughed a lot.  I have been trying a few new things like chicken yakitori and negima (chicken meatballs) and asparagus wrapped in bacon.  But like always, I  love to eat rice.

.We are enjoying shopping and are starting to get into the holiday spirit.  There are Christmas decorations everywhere and it is COLD here.  We are bundled up but it feels great to be cold after weeks in Singapore.

I  will post more in a couple of days when we return from the mountains.  We are going on a bullet train tomorrow and will visit the Black Castle.  I hope to see a ninja.




2 thoughts on “M: Japan Again

  1. Max, so good to hear from you. I wish I could join you on the bullet train. That sounds like good fun. Please let us know about the Black Castle. Is that where they have ninja school? (Not that I know anything about ninja’s!)

    I am sure it is more comfortable being cool, cold where you can bundle up, than being so hot you can not sleep.

    I love it that you are in the last few weeks of your trip and then on your way home. I miss you all, but very glad you have not just renewed experiences, but new ones too.

    Love you lots

  2. Hi Max,
    I like to do a mix of new things and familiar things too. I hope you had a fun trip to the mountains. I’m impressed that you speak a little Japanese! And I think it is great that you are trying to use the Japanese that you know.

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