J: Twelve from Rajasthan

Of the pictures I captured in Rajasthan, here are 12 of my favorites:


Udaipur Spice

The air was flavored by huge piles of spice and giant sacks of dried chilis.  Loved the textures of the walls here and the riot of colors.


Chandelao Village

Just after this picture, the youngest one started crying.  The mom looks like she’s under 20.


At School in Chandelao

I loved the soft light and blue uniforms.  We visited 4 classrooms; “technology” in the village school includes books for most pupils and a painted chalkboard – full stop.


Chili Lime

Almost every shop has something like this hanging, an offering or a ward — this is an old home (Haveli) in Udaipur.


Doorways in Jodphur

After wandering in this amazing fortress, we found our way to a central courtyard; a time of passage.


Shoppers in Pipar

Our hosts at Chandelao Garh drove us to an amazingly “ordinary” market town.  We saw fabric printing and life unfolding.


Opium Days

Apparently only the very old men drink opium every day, the others (there were some 25 here) joined for a special ceremony.    They make something like tea, which this man poured into the palm of his hand for the others to sip.

Basket Women

In a bazaar in Udaipur, we found a group of women working in the evening light.


Selling Veggies

In the vegetable market in Pipar, this woman was not quite sure if she wanted me to take her picture.  I showed her afterward and she and her friends laughed.


Windows in Agra

Carved from single slabs, these screened windows are decorative, practical geometry.  This is in the “Baby Taj,” a precursor to the Taj Mahal.



The women here are like flowers in the morning.  She is selling produce in Udaipur.


Masala Chai

Tea and spices in Udaipur.  As Patty wrote, just as the flavors of curry or masala chai are so densely layered, life here is too, so many combinations coming together, almost out of control, somehow careening toward beauty.


4 thoughts on “J: Twelve from Rajasthan

  1. I love this Josh. Do you think each of the family would do the same thing. It is in a way a photo diary, but with brilliant high spots, to savor and revisit.
    thank you

  2. Your photos are delicious and really capture the moments of your experience. I long for more of India. Color, texture, smells, beauty, humanity in abundance with such beauty!

  3. Great pics, Josh! Thanks for sharing your amazing travels with us. Few get to see the world like you do, and I appreciate being able to see it thru your (positive) eyes!

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