P: Intense India

I am sorry that I don’t have a juicy blog entry for you all today.  It’s terrible but true that we’ve been in Mumbai for almost 2 weeks and have like turtles, retreated into our shells.  I know that I am not modeling the adventurous traveler, but I am wiped out!  Last week I got sick again and have been taking a while to recover.  It’s ridiculous how low my energy is, but the heat combined with an omnipresent low-grade nausea and dizziness just makes me want to stick close to home.  What I wouldn’t do at this point for and apple or lettuce! (you know we are in serious vegetable withdrawal when even Max is craving salad!)

Mumbai is as sprawling, chaotic, and feisty as you can imagine.  With an estimated population of 18 million people, there is a boggling intensity to the place. There is so much traffic choking the roads it takes about an hour and a half to get across town for dinner.  There are no lanes in the roads, rarely traffic lights, horns are used as punctuation marks between vehicles, and usually our drivers don’t speak English—it’s a free-for-all.

So on Sunday (Josh’s only day off for 2 weeks) we braved the streets and spent Sunday down at Colaba.  This is the “old city” definitely British in flavor—with colonial style architecture and wide promenades.  The place was packed full of happy strolling Sunday Indian families along the water.  We looked out at the Arabian Sea from the “Gateway of India.”

Josh gave in to Max’s pleading and bought a pack of giant orange balloons from a street vendor and was totally scammed, the 10 pack contained only 6 balloons ¼ the size of the one the seller was holding!

First we went to Amarapali a jewelry store that Josh knew from friends and had fun trying on lots of things.  Both Emma and I scored some nice earrings and necklaces and we found a few gifts.  Then we had a fantastic lunch out at The Table.  We ate upstairs in the swank bistro and it reminded me so much of Zuni Café in SF I got homesick!  We all ordered tastes from home that we were craving–Emma had waffles with Canadian maple syrup, Max got cannelloni, I had meatballs with spicy pomodoro sauce, and Josh had lamb sausage with poached eggs.  Then to finish some tiny assorted tarts and a birthday candle to celebrate my 41st bday!

Now that Emma is sick (out for the count for the last couple days) I am not sure how much we will be doing before we depart on Thursday night.  I know that we are all looking forward to cooler temperatures of Santa Cruz.

We’ve enjoyed our visit to India and all the friends we’ve made. It’s been quite an experience for us all to be here.  I hope that we return to see more of this amazing country!


5 thoughts on “P: Intense India

  1. Sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling sick and that Emma’s caught the bug now… Still loving hearing about all you adventures!!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and that this will be your best year yet. Safe travels home and much love, Corin

  2. I have enjoyed your travels so much, the sounds, the people, the colors and even the instense heat.

    But, I am super glad you will be home by weeksend. Glad you could celebrate your birthday on the ground and had a fun day.

    We have a busy summer ahead, but it is definitely cooler here!

    Lots of love,

  3. Hang in there and feel better. I am still enjoying my travels with you and all the colorful photos. You and Josh win the parents of the year award for taking your children on this awesome adventure. Such a life long learning experience. Happy Birthday to you Patty.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Patty! Get well soon, Patty and Emma! And “Bon retour” to all of you. May it be easy and smooth! Love, Jan xxx

  5. Oh No!!(fr patty) Oh Yes!! (fr patty) Oh No!! (fr emma) Oh Yes!! (emma) And then Oh Yes!! (for u all) Great to know guys that inspite your sickness you didn’t sit inside the rooms but enjoyed more colour of India.!! It is infectious. You will keep coming to teach and to little learn and to teach and to enjoy!! 🙂

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