P: Where in the World??

10 weeks
12 flights
6 countries

4 computers
3 cameras
1 flip camera & external mic

packing: city, beach, tropics, jungle trek, winter snow

My life is about lists. I have pads of lined paper full of crossed over lists.  I wish that my compulsive list making was keeping things more organized.  But no. The tasks to do keep growing.  And even worse, I am afraid that I can’t seem to keep track of my lists and end up re-listing things on new pads.  I find such satisfaction crossing things off so I re-list things I have completed as well as outstanding tasks because then I get to the Best Part.  I can strike out the finished jobs with a neat line right through it’s center. Bang. One more thing accomplished.

“You guys must be pretty good at packing for these things by now, right?” my friends asked today at our last day of NBOG class for the kids.

Actually this trip is kind of a nightmare to pack because we need so many different sets of clothes and gear.  I should have this down by now.  But I am really trying to apply the lessons of our years on the road and take as little as possible.  I think of these trips as expeditions, we head out to the field with only the essentials.  We bring our clothes (only 2 outfits allowed!), personal items and most importantly our work. (kids’ school books and Josh’s training tools)  We’ve got our kindles, computers and cameras.  Crazy!  I know at this point I am over-thinking the packing (I think) and we just need to get the stuff in the bags and go.

“But where exactly are you going?” you may be asking.

This will be our longest trip to date with the kids.  We are re-visiting many places (kids are super excited to get back to Kyoto!) but also heading into a couple of new countries as well.  We will be staying in some hotels (a pretty swanky place in Thailand!), renting an apartment in Kyoto and Bangkok, home-stay with our dear friends in Singapore, trekking into the rainforest of Borneo on a klotok (think African Queen with Bogart and Hepburn), and finally ending up at a 500 year old temple

For those of you following along, here’s the itinerary:

Oct 1 SFO to Kyoto
Oct 2-5 Kyoto, Japan
Oct 5-13 Tokyo, Japan
Oct 14 Bangkok, Thailand
Oct 15-26 Luang Prabang, Laos
Oct 26-28 Bangkok, Thailand
Oct 28-Nov 2 Khao Lak, Thailand
Nov 2-6 Singapore
Nov 6-11 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Nov 11-25 Singapore
Nov 25 Jakarta, Indonesia
Nov 26-29 PEM to Pangkalanbuun, Indonesia (Josh will be teaching in Jakarta)
Nov 30 Jakarta, Indonesia
Dec 1-5 Tokyo, Japan
Dec 6-11 Kyoto, Japan

We’ll be blogging along the way so I hope you come back and read more about our adventures.  We all miss our friends and family so please leave a comment so we can stay connected!

lots of love!


10 thoughts on “P: Where in the World??

  1. What a lovely hello to your latest adventures for all who follow the Red Suitcase. I will be looking forward to many tales over the next 10 weeks and look forward to your return for Christmas.

    Lots of love to you all,
    Mom and Grandma

  2. i’m so glad you posted this!
    this stalker, er, i mean really big fan wanted to know when and where you’d be different places!

    thanks for sharing here and welcoming us along! xoxo

    did you really narrow it down to two outfits?!?!?
    you’re amazing. (even if you took three, or four!)

  3. Oh the places you’ll go….Amazing…I hope to at least catch up for a “Hi” before you take off! If not, i understand1 And Skype works anywhere in the world, right?

  4. So glad to hear from you from home grounds I thought of all these things about packing and leaving a house and getting up in time to get to the airport How did that go/ when did you have to get up. I gues you are now sitting on a plain some where or have landed some where.

    I had a fantastic weekend, this, gorgeous jung man from Germany visited. We had not seen for 10 year it was emotional intellegence, Thorsten is very into it and waiting for your book in german but he is fluent in englich and I will send him your book, Josh

  5. I hope the transpacific flight was ok. I am looking forward to photos and updates. Love you all. Can’t wait to see you when you return. C

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