Cool blog post from Emma about photography and exploring Kyoto.

Feeling Tangerine

We’ve been having a great time in Japan, exploring temples, walking through markets, taking pictures, and eating great food!

I’m officially re-obsessed with photography (is that even possible?) so I decided to show a few of my favorite shots from the past two days we’ve spent here in Kyoto (Japan) and explain a bit about them!

Practicing photography feels almost like a religion or a new way of seeing things. It makes me slow down and pay attention to little things, and reflect. I can find something to photograph everywhere. In zen buddhism, it is a belief that one can practice anything as a meditation. Whether painting, raking gravel at a temple, or finding interesting ways to capture images of beautiful things, you can focus and clear your mind. I am glad to have been a photographer today.

We just came back from a relaxing Japanese bathhouse, a sento or…

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  1. What a wealth of information in todays notes from Kyoto and from Feeling Tangerine!!!!!

    Kyoto sounds like such a wonderful place to visit and revisit. With ancient and modern vistas, did you see changes in 20 years??

    Max, skipping those stones looks so cool. Dean was not sure how you did not fall in. (Was the water warm?)

    Emma the pics of the origami notes were fabulous. Can you make them? I can see the new camera shots with the upclose sharpness. Really beautiful. They would make wonderful cards to send to people.

    It is great that you can read the Japanese and help everyone out. Japanese seems like a puzzle to me. You have always been so good with puzzles.

    Thank you so much for making my Saturday, with the news from far away.

    Love you and miss you

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