P: Stop and Go

I have to stop.  I have to go.  I have to hunker down and write and write and write.  We planed to use this time on the trip for a writing retreat.  Our whole family has been thinking an working towards 2 weeks of focused work time.  I am plugging away– working hard to to feel overwhelmed by the load I have yet to do. Trying very hard not to feel competitive with Josh who has over 10k words written already!

Max was particularly worried because he knew he would have long stretches of the day unsupervised.  He was supposed to have a plan of action and produce a serious project that he could work on independently.  For a boy could easily spend all day on Mine Craft entertaining himself alone wasn’t the problem, it was the serious work part.  But when we arrived we met Evelyn our hotel’s GM just heading out for a trek a remote village documenting a woman with a hygiene campaign, and Max suddenly had a great project. So far he’s edited a 2 min promo video on iMovie for them and is planning on going out on location with the team to film this weekend.  He’s off and running.

I couldn’t be more jealous.

The Nam Khan River with sketchy bridge in the distance
( you can see Emma’s description of the the sketchy bridge on her blog)

I am writing about adventure travel with kids and we are sitting here in a quiet bungalow by the river.  We are NOT out in the riding one a rickety tuk tuk, climbing mountains, playing with local children or eating barbecued frogs.  The adventure I am on is sitting still.  How many pages can I get done in 45 minutes? Can I write this blog post even though I want to go see the monks this morning? I’m using piles of internal discipline to stay here in my seat while the river flows by and my bicycle waits patiently by the tree.

We take adventures as a family because we want to learn more about the world.  Our journey takes us to new places and challenges us to find our limits.  I suppose if I am truthful– this writing project is one of the hardest adventures I’ve been on.  I am learning to share not only the practical, abstract and intellectual part of adventure travel but also myself. That is the the very center of is all.  Can I put myself out there and take the risk to really share?  Am I brave enough to say what I am thinking and feeling?  We take adventures as a family because we want to teach our children– by modeling ourselves– this level of risk and honesty.

So I apologize for not having wild and wacky tales to share.  And I’m sorry we don’t have daily blog posts with beautiful photos.  We’ve gone quiet. This is a good thing.  Really.

PS  We did get out to the market yesterday and I took this picture of a Barbecued Frog.  Just thought I’d share it with you!


3 thoughts on “P: Stop and Go

  1. I am so pleased that Max is into a project both worthwhile and involving him with technology and ideas! Good for you Max.

    Emma, I did not realize that you were blogging so frequently. I just caught up and have enjoyed your comments and photos so much.

    Patty, you write from the heart and the mind and what you have to say is meaningful. Perhaps your ideas won’t take 10,000 words to relay….

    Love you lots

  2. BBQ Frog! Looks like it just hopped on the grill for a very BIG surprise. You are seeing so much and now you are quiet. I can only imagine the discipline it takes to sit still in an environment that is calling out for you to EXPLORE. I look forward to seeing you all very soon in Singapore and KL.

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