J: Luang Prabang

I would love to write about Luang Prabang.  From the first hour we arrived we’ve heard stories showing an incredible generosity of spirit and a commitment to help one another.  Ken met us at the airport, and over the last few days we’ve learned a little about him — he became a monk at 13, and later the first person in his village to attend university.  Now at 21 he runs 2 community projects, including The House of Dreams, a home for village children to be able to escape the cycle of poverty by coming to town to go to school.  Their responsibility is to, in turn, bring 2 village children and support them (including working to make money for their food).  I am sure Max or Emma will tell more about this — but just to make sense of the House of Dreams photos 🙂

Anyway – it’s an enchanting place, but maybe not-so-ideal for a writing retreat:  Too many temptations!  That said, I’m 1/3 through writing the book and am NOW going to get back to it and work for 1 hour on Part 2.

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