P: Not another day without a blogpost!

We’ve been to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and and now back to Singapore again since I last blogged.  We’ve all been working a ton–Max and I on our Laos movie,  Josh with a conference, 1-day seminar, cert training, Emma on jungleheros website and presentation prep
She’s been digging into her research and working on her website.  Yesterday E presented twice at UWCSEA– a k-12 school with 6000 students. In her first presentation she was in a big theater with a stage and tiered seats full of 200 fourth graders.  She did great job with her 30 min presentation and then opened the floor for questions for the rest of the hour. Then in the afternoon she did it all again for 40 people (adults and kids) for the Global Concerns club of the school.  She made great connections with the sponsor teacher and has an invitation to speak and the annual GIN (Global Initiative Network) in Jakarta next year– this is a conference of 700 youth leaders in southeast asia.  She’s on fire about speaking right now– and can’t wait for more opportunities.
She was SO happy to talk with kids who had very intelligent questions:
Do Orangutans have fingerprints?
What happens when we send letters to companies, will they be offended?
What’s the difference between RSPO and non sustainable palm?
and one of my favorites– Can we put the forest back?
I guess I am just so blown away by her depth of knowledge about the issues– she’s not talking about cute fuzzy guys anymore.  Her answers to the questions were backed up with research and she worked to keep her bias out– presenting both sides of the story.  She’s shifted somehow in the last couple weeks to become a more serious voice to challenge deforestation and the plight of all the species in Borneo.  She’s gotten into the politics of palm and the role it plays on the world stage, carbon sequestration, economic development and ethics.  I think she’s swallowed some of her despair about the problem and is working to create a best case scenario.  I hope that this has set the stage for the species viability report she’s working on for science fair this year.
Emma and I are traveling back to Borneo in two weeks for another trek in the jungle.  This time we are going to be in the Indonesian side of the island.  We are flying into Pangklan Bun, a small town at the mouth of the Kumai River.  Then we travel on a slow boat called a klotok upriver into the rainforest reserve.  We plan to spend 3 days visiting the orangutans– hopefully seeing them in the wild.  Our visit will include time at Camp Leakey– the longest running orangutan rehabilitation and reserve.
In my next post, I’ll tell you about our great experience in Laos and the huge movie project we just finished.

6 thoughts on “P: Not another day without a blogpost!

  1. Congratulations to all of you. I know you are busy and really working, not lazing around on beaches!

    I am so proud of you Emma for your caring and sharing with others your passion. What an amazing experience this has been and continues to be for you and all of us “armchair travelers back home.”

    I look forward to more tales of your further adventures in Borneo.

    Lots of love (and missing you all)

  2. I love the first picture! It’s exciting to hear about Emma’s work. I hope you do get to see orangutans in the wild.
    xoxoxox to all

  3. Fantastic! So exciting to hear about Emma’s dedication and I can’t wait to see Max’s Laos movie! Have an incredible time in Borneo–can’t wait to see pictures. love to all!

  4. Emma, you look so beautiful and mature…and I wish I could hear one of your lectures. Is it possible for your mom to tape one? This is so exciting to see how your interests have grown and matured…I’m in awe!

  5. Thank you for keeping us updated Patty! Congratulations! to Emma and all of you for spreading this wonderous experiences around the world:)

  6. I can’t wait to have you all over for tea and hot cocoa and a walk in the redwoods with stories and tales and merry making. we MISS you all. xoxo thanks for sharing this space.

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