P: Un Petite Bonjour!

Hi Everyone-
We’ve arrived in Paris and yesterday (Emma’s bday) was a bit of a jet-lagged blur. We are living in a charming apartment in Montmartre (cobblestone streets, winding hilly streets) Our building is next door to Salvadore Dali’s place– so I’ll keep my eyes open for any melting clock sightings.

Apologies, I don’t have any good photos yet. But check out Emma’s blog for her photos: http://feelingtangerine.wordpress.com/

Today we walked our legs off– first we traveled across town early to queue up at the Notre Dame where we climbed up 422 steps to the bell towers and get a good close look at the chimera. (remember the creepy stone monsters?) and then into the cathedral. After that, we crossed the river to find lunch. Our charcuterie plate was divine.

Then we took a wander in the Place du Luxembourg and people watching in the shade. There is a hilarious range of poses that people make when they are getting their photos in front of a building. I guess because they know its not a very cool photo moment and they want it to enhance it somehow. After our rest in the park, we kept walking over to the Musee d ‘Orsay to have a Impressionist Painter Overload. (that’s called IPO officially) We saw some really amazing art– Monet, Manet, Renoir, Cezanne, Degas, Gaugin, Seurat. I was startled by how different it was seeing the original work, these masterpieces I’ve seen reprints of all my life.  The light and life held within the painting was a surprise to me. Seeing the texture of the paint, the brushstrokes, the vivid color– wow. I’m not a die-hard museum visitor, but this should be on everyone’s must see list.
We’re going macaron tasting tomorrow– it’s really going to be an epic battle. Laudree vs Pierre Herme.
Stay tuned.
love Patty


5 thoughts on “P: Un Petite Bonjour!

  1. What a delightful part of Paris to be living in. I am so glad you are there and on artistic travel. I will look forward to following in your travel shoes as you begin this trek.
    Love you

  2. Wow, it sounds like a wonderful time! I have such great memories of the places you’re describing. Be sure to visit Poilâne for what is perhaps the world’s finest bread, I think they are not too far from you, and also be sure to hit Berthillon on Île de la Cité/Île Saint Louis. Can’t wait to see your pictures! Big hugs to the four of you!

  3. Je pense Lauderie tres magnifique…Herme dense…mais je ne sais pas! I do know i am tres jealous and hope you eat a rose macaroon for me…Love the IPO…cute…Mange a restaurant Spring…People I know who have been say it is fabulous…..loves Oh, the artichokes were so good! Merci

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