P: Spring Day in Paris



pARIS IN THE SPRING PPINKWhat a great day!  Woke up late to a gloomy rainy grey morning.  After tea, croissant, and yogurt (sold here in stubby little  glass or glazed terra-cotta pots) all went back to bed to blog, read, or play mine craft.  I think we all needed a lazy morning.  Then we set off around noon for a market day at rue Montorguil.  Armed with our foodie tour book we hit some amazing shops for chocolate, pastry, cheese, and bake wares.  The afternoon got more and more beautiful as the clouds cleared.  It was a holiday today (May 8 is Liberation day–end of WII) so families were out and about enjoying the fresh spring shopping with us.  Many of the shops I wanted to see were closed so I hope we have time to return Friday.

The Epic Macaron Battle was delicious.  We got a selection from Pierre Hermes (apricot/chocolate, creme brûlée, dark chocolate, sweet chocolate, rose/jasmine, cassis, passionfruit/chocolate) and Laduree (rose, lemon, raspberry, pistachio, chocolate, vanilla, coffee)  The Pierre Hermes macarons were much more ambitious in flavor combinations.  For the blended flavors, there were two different macarons sandwiched with a sublime buttercream.

P1150340My favorite was the cassis– lots of lovely fruit acid and gorgeous color! The selections from Laduree were more conventional and had lovely smooth texture.  But overall the wow factor of the flavors from Pierre Hermes macarons won the title.

Enjoy the gallery below to see more of our spring day!


4 thoughts on “P: Spring Day in Paris

  1. The macaroon challenge seems one the Freedmans collectively enjoy. Will you be able to make them at home?? Maybe they are meant to be a Paris treat!

    What a lovely day you had.
    Love you

  2. OK! Hermes is it…fine leather ,silks and macaroons! What did the shop look like in the inside? Love and curiosity ….

    • Laduree was gorgeous. You feel like you have stepped into an illuminated plate from a story. Marble floors, mirror walls, golden and white trim. There were long marble topped display tables with dark wood legs along the side of the shop. Trays of twee macaroons in rows of assorted pastel colors and flavors are arranged. Customers are shown illustrated flavor cards and asked to make their selections. We got a box of 8 and they were carefully nestled in tissue and sealed in the box as if they were gems. Tres tres precious.

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