P: Missing Paris

Happy Mother’s Day to you!  We’ve been caught in the rain without our umbrellas twice now here in London, and the dreary in contrast to our Paris spring days makes my heart long for the City of Lights.  Our last day in Paris was really more of the same wonderful fantasy– art, flowers, hunting for food treasures and kissing.

P1150480Kissing was actually a running joke for us on this trip.  Max was particularly horrified (fascinated?) by the prevalence of kissing on the streets in Paris.  It seemed at every monument, viewpoint, park, boulangerie, gallery or metro stop needed to be commemorated by tourist couples kissing.  We would get to a place and Max would look around until he could find the kissing culprits “oh look, more kissing.  Over there… (indicating the direction of the offenders).  Josh and I thought it was hilarious to see outside the Musee d’Orangerie, Rodin’s The Kiss. Max was not very impressed.

BTW I was thrilled to see Monet’s Water lilies in Musee d’Orangerie.  The oval rooms were built especially to house the pieces.  They paintings are mounted directly on the white curved walls and the glass ceiling screened by white fabric to diffuse and soften the natural light.  I felt like l was inside an impressionist painting surrounded by Monet’s colors.  The paintings were made on separate panels but combined to make long 16? ft. paintings that wrapped the room.  It was possible to imagine falling into the light and color of the reflections on the water.  No reprints of these images could capture what I saw.  Amazing.

P1150475Josh starts work tomorrow, and the kids begin homeschool work again.  We’ll do classes in the am and head into London for lunch and adventures each day.  Tomorrow I think we are off to Kew Gardens.  I am going to plan for rain everyday, then if we get sun I will be delighted.

optimistically yours,


2 thoughts on “P: Missing Paris

  1. Thank you for sharing your Parisian Spring! Almost sounds like a song.

    Guess you are now in the ‘June gloom’ and remembering why you were anxious to return to sunny CA when you were in school in England.

    But, off to Kew! That will brighten any day.

    Love you,

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