P: Borough Market Day


What a treat!  We woke to a sunny morning and I can’t believe how optimistic and energetic the sun made me feel.  Grizzly (grey/drizzly) English days are the new normal for me, so when I see the sun—I want to get up and go!

We were off this morning straight away, not staying in and getting schoolwork done as we’ve been disciplined to do this past week.  It’s a bit of a shelp to get into town. We walk a mile to the station from our guesthouse, then it’s 25 minute train from our picturesque suburb of Richmond on Thames into central London.

Borough Market is right across the street from the London Bridge tube station.  It’s a charming market with stalls for cured meats, cheesemongers, bread, sweets, preserves, and fresh produce.  There’s lots of sample to taste.  We loved Compt cheese sampling (aged 28 months my fav!) and the kids loved the samples of Turkish Delight. Outside the maket edges were lots of sandwiches, and other to-go foods.  Emma and I had a  crispy duck confit sandwich with arugula and tangy mustard..  Max enjoyed a steak and gravy pie (with fabulous crust).  The market was as friendly as it was beautiful, and all the sellers were jovial and chillaxed about photography.  We had a fabulous lunch and may even take Josh back on Saturday before we hop on our plane to Lisbon.



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