P: Charlotte’s Enchanted Nida

On our last day in Nida, I sat in the woods with Charlotte for two hours.  The mossy floor of the forest was soft beneath us.  In the quiet of the early evening, we watched the shadows stretch.  Sitting there in the golden light with Charlotte, I felt like this moment was one to capture.  Her golden time was here before me.  Her stories of people and places gone forever; conversations from the past she plays and replays are somehow more real today.


P1160471It seems reasonable to me that Charlotte lives in another world because her life seems like it was written by Brothers Grimm. This enchanted fishing village, quaint blue houses trimmed with white lacy gables, wild blueberries in forested drifts and swans swimming in lazy circles in the bay, semi-precious stones washing up on the beaches are real.  She had an evil stepmother who tricked her father, gambled away their fortune and then turned her family over to the Nazis. Fleeing for their lives, Charlotte and her sister went into hiding and finally reuniting with her father after with war.


The time after, her journey to a new land, finding Abie, her Prince, and making a home together is not the end of the story.  She keeps going, making a new life after Abe’s passing.  She makes friends wherever she goes!  Her days are full dancing, laughing, eating health foods and staying beautiful.  At 91 Charlotte has more life in her than most people.  She’s amazing.


P1160200This week in Nida has been a gift.  I tried to savor my time with Charlotte.  To walk more slowly, eat dessert everyday, and look for beauty in small things.


8 thoughts on “P: Charlotte’s Enchanted Nida

  1. You have captured that moment in time we all want with our loved ones, remembering, savoring and enjoying.

    Lots of love, see you soon,

  2. Beautiful post, Pat. I have been thinking a lot about how lucky we have all been to have these greatest of the “greatest generation” in our lives. I think it has been profoundly influential for me and I am so grateful. So glad you all are sharing these moments and adventures.

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