M: England

We took a train to the city of London after enjoying delicious French food and warm loaves of bread. Two hours later on the train I was exited to see the city. Walking in London is like going back in time, huge Victorian houses and cobbled streets make you feel like an adventurer exploring an exciting new world.P1150730

After a few days of being in England we went to the Kew Gardens. The gardens are very old; some of trees have been there for hundreds of years. There was a huge dome that was built in the Great Exhibition time (1851) the dome was made out of glass and ornate iron bars.


Inside the dome is a jungle of plants that English explorers brought back from around the world.

I really loved being in England, I felt like I went back in time.


4 thoughts on “M: England

  1. Hi Max,
    I’m glad you had a great time in England. I love traveling to places that also make me feel like I’ve traveled back in time.
    Can’t wait to see you on Sunday!

  2. Now when you read stories set in England your mind can imagine a more vivid picture of the characters’ surroundings.

    Kalimera from Greece, jm

  3. Hi Max
    I’m so glad you got a chance to go back to Kew. I know that was one of your favorite London spots. So excited to see you in Boston soon.

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