P: Everyday Life of Adventure Travel

We’re on the road again.  This is a real working trip for us.  Josh has courses and conferences in Japan and Singapore.  Emma’s on a speaking tour with 14 presentations including her first Ted talk!!  I am working full time as her manager, handling all the bookings and logistics.  Max is working on video projects and co-facilitating a Minecraft class for kids.  We are all going a hundred miles an hour in different directions, so it will be a very different adventure this year.

I am going to try to write more frequently, but shorter pieces.  I hope this will alleviate some of the internal pressure I put on myself to make these blog entries really “something.”  I will  work instead to just share some impressions or funny stories.  The thing about traveling to the same place over time, is that you begin to lose the shiny newness of a place.  This will be the fifth year we’ve been on this trip with the kids.  So although it is always an adventure to travel with them, this life of adventure travel is a little more everyday than it used to be.

Here’s our travel plans:

Oct 31-Nov 11 Toyko
Nov 11- Nov 15 Kyoto
Nov 16-22 Singapore
Nov 22-28 Ubud, Bali
Nov 28-Dec 2 Toyko

so stay tuned for more updates.


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