P Japan: What’s that taste?

P1170811I want to start a new thread called “What’s that taste” and invite you to join me as I “embrace the taste” during our travels.  Embrace the taste is a phrase that Josh coined a few years ago.  It actually means more that just eating weird stuff.  The idea behind it is the boldness required to really embrace something new or unexpected.

I wrote about this idea during our stay in Kyoto a few years ago.  I believe that modeling risk taking for the kids is really important.  I need to be willing to learn and experiment and be as daring as I wish them to be.  This is one of the greatest gifts of traveling– the opportunity to experience something outside of our everyday life.

Back to that food truck and Emma’s invitation to take a bite.  We stumbled upon the Tokyo Food Festa on Sunday.  There were 16 food trucks offering samples to ticket holders.  Emma and I were delighted to taste away.  We had daikon bites with rice, fushia rice balls flavored with ume (plum) syrup, whole grain pancakes, uzu (japanese citrus) chutney on mochi and more.

My favorite was Persimmon Gelato.  I know, not very risky. But a very complex and unusual taste.  The dairy based ice cream was flavored like burnt caramel and a little smoky.  There were chewy bits of cooked persimmon, the texture of chopped sultana raisins, a little soft and chewy but dissolved in your mouth.  The taste seemed to evolve the more I thought about it.  Yum.

more tomorrow-


3 thoughts on “P Japan: What’s that taste?

    • Ahh-
      very good question. Because I am not yet practicing Part B: Embrace the Smell I did not taste the fermented fish paste. Good to know there’s room fro growth.

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