Our family likes to travel, to meet new people and see new places.  We especially like to discover delicious foods!

We called our blog “Red Suitcase” because — guess what?  We have a red suitcase!  And we wanted it to sound like traveling.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Patty! This is Karen, daughter of Helen, Baby’s youngest sister. You were a sweet little girl when Linda and I came from Ottawa to stay with your family in Princeton in the summer of 1975. So happy John & Doug ran into you in Jaipur. I’ve read your narratives which straddle National Geographic and World Wildlife Federation. Your kids Max and Emma have the most wonderful education possible as you and Josh are truly making them citizens of the world. The Boquers are congregating btwn May 23-29 in New Orleans for this edition of the the biannual family reunion which I hope your family will be able to join, if not now, on the next go around. I am a huge fan of others’ travelogues and yours is so sparkling and wise. Hope to get together with you in the future. Love,

    Cousin Karen Ann Reid Wagner

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