Why do we keep this blog?

Mostly it’s a way for us to engage more deeply in our travel experiences by reflecting and sharing with friends and family.  We’ve found that the process of blogging during travel allows us to “step out” of the daily experience and consider the experience we’re having.  It’s been amazing to do this with the kids — while they often resist during the process, years later their “highlights” are often what’s on the blog.

Why do we travel with our kids?

One of our first big family trips was to Tuscany when the kids were about 2 and 4 years old.  “Everyone” said, “leave the kids at home and take some time for yourselves” telling us horror stories of how draining it is to travel with children.  That wasn’t our experience.  Instead we found ourselves awake and delighted as travelers seeing the world through our children’s eyes, connected and strengthened as a family, and much more involved in the daily lives of the places we visited (making friends!)

Our first international “family” travel was when our daughter was six months old.  Since then we’ve been far and wide, and close to home, and it’s part of who we are as a family.


The world is astounding and miraculous; it’s both vast and tiny, with seemingly endless diversity of experience, yet with the “same” stories over and over.  Travel allows us to see that we’re part of this wonder, it opens our eyes to new horizons, and then lets carry that vision into our own small part of the globe.


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