P: Really Big Show


I surprised the kids and took them to a Big London Show today.  We had so much fun at Wicked!  I’ve tried to get tickets for the show in SF, LA, and Singapore, but finally the timing was right.  We had great seats, I did my research and got the cheapest tickets that still had great view, first row in the balcony.  With kids (and shorter people) nothing is more annoying than looking at the back of someone’s head during the performance.  We already knew all the songs and the story so that wasn’t new, but the experience of being in a huge theater with a spellbound audience was enthralling.

Both kids loved the set, costumes and lighting.  It’s great to go out with them now and have them appreciate things on more than one level.  They can admire the artistry and the music at the same time.  Max especially liked the steam-punk design elements, but disliked all the kissing.  Emma loved the costuming with wild hats and asymmetrical carnival clothes.  I loved the music– powerful voices that filled the theater.  I can hardly believe that the cast will turn around and do it all again for a second show tonight!

I really wanted to go to the theater during our stay.  When I lived here in high school, on of my very best classes was Theater in London class.  Each week we studied plays then went out to see shows, for a theater geek like me, nothing was better than getting to see lots of different performances.  Live theater is incomparable to movies, television or books.  There is an intangible but real relationship between an audience and performers.  My hands hurt from appreciative applause and  I’m still savoring that aftershow buzz.
Tomorrow we are heading out to Borough market and window shopping at Liberty of London.  I’ve got a couple more museums on my “maybe if we have time” list so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “P: Really Big Show

  1. So glad the show was all you hoped for and more. I do remember how you enjoyed the theatre in London. Nothing like it as there is just so much to choose from.

    Great that Emma and Max picked bits that interested them beyond the story and music.

    How wonderful for all of you,
    Love you

  2. Dear Patty,

    I am so glad you all enjoyed Wicked! I saw it with Broadway Across America in Houston and it was terrific!!

    Keep enjoying your adventures!! I love to read about them!

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